You can send a bill payment from your bank account, or you can initiate a deposit from your ModernAdvisor dashboard under Transfer.

To send a bill payment from your bank, add the custodian of your account as a payee with the account number of the account you wish to deposit the funds to.

For accounts that are held at Credential, the name of the payee is “Credential Securities Inc.” or “Credential Qtrade Securities Inc.” depending on the bank. For accounts that are held at CI Investment Services Inc., the payee may be "CI Investment Services" or “BBS Securities Inc.” , if your bank has not updated its online banking. See “How do I know if my account is held at Credential or CI Investment Services” for more details.

Note that transfers that are initiated on your ModernAdvisor dashboard are subject to a 4-day hold before they become available for investing. Bill payments are not subject to a hold period.

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