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How does ModernAdvisor verify my identity as a client?
How does ModernAdvisor verify my identity as a client?

Regulations require ModernAdvisor as a financial institution to verify all clients' identity. We use an automated process to do this.

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As part of the account opening process we are required to verify your identity. We do this by comparing some of your information (name, address, and birthdate) with your credit file. This will not impact your credit score. If your address is out of date, or your credit file is incomplete or too new, then your identity won’t be automatically verified.

If you provided a bank statement to confirm your banking information, then we can verify your identity manually. Otherwise, we will need a document from you to confirm your identity:

  1. Provide a recent document (less than a month old) that confirms your name and current address (could be a utility bill, phone bill, RRSP or TFSA stmt).

  2. Or provide your most recent bank account statement (note we are not permitted to use a void cheque to verify identity) to confirm an active bank account. Your address doesn’t have to match on the bank statement.

Please note that to be valid the document must not be redacted, altered, or cut off per FINTRAC regulations.

Once we receive that document and it meets the verification requirements, your identity will be verified.

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