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Householding Client Profiles / Viewing Joint Accounts
Householding Client Profiles / Viewing Joint Accounts

Can spouses household their account profiles so that they can see each others' accounts when online? How can individuals see joint accounts?

Updated over a week ago

ModernAdvisor can facilitate householding of accounts for members of the same family. Here’s the process to set-up a household.

  1. One of the family members would login via

    • Important - this first step should be taken by only one household member, not both.

  2. Select “Profile” from the top right under the client name

  3. Select “Household” from the options menu on the left

  4. Click “Create household” and enter the email address of the family member with whom you would like to household

  5. The second family member will then receive an email requesting them to authorize the householding feature.

  6. Once approved, the household is approved and both members will be able see each other’s account when online.

Here’s a short video reviewing the process:

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