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How long will it take for my transfer to complete?
How long will it take for my transfer to complete?

Length of time for account transfer, deposits and withdrawals

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Account Transfers

When you have signed your Account Transfer form it will be submitted to the institution you are transferring from. Length of time for account transfers varies depending on the relinquishing institution, how quickly they turn around transfer requests, the method of initiation, and if everything is in good order for processing. Assuming no rejections are received, please allow at least 3-4 weeks.


One-time EFT deposits can take up to 4 business days to debit your bank account once they have been sent for processing to our back office. Please allow this amount of time for deposits that are initiated on your ModernAdvisor dashboard.

A deposit initiated by online bill payment will usually reflect in your investment account after 2 business days. More information on bill payments can be found here.


Withdrawals take 4 business days to be completed, 2 business days for the trades to settle and 2 business days for your bank to receive the funds. For information on how to set up a withdrawal please view this article.

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