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How do I change my risk level?
How do I change my risk level?

Risk level changes

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The recommended risk level for an account is a combination of the client's investment time frame, goal, investor type and financial situation.

Only the client can change the risk level by logging in and going to Modify if the goal and/or timeframe has changed.

They can change the risk level plus or minus 1 level if they go to Accounts → select specific Account → Modify. For anything greater than +/-1 they could update the Goal settings and then Confirm Change.

The client can also retake the risk tolerance questionnaire by clicking their Name (on the top right) → Profile → Risk Appetite (on the left) → Edit → Retake Quiz.

  1. Specific account to be selected.

  2. Modify to view and change risk level.

  3. Current risk level, and ability to change + or - 1 level without any other changes.

  4. Goal settings to potentially change greater than + or - 1 level.

  5. Confirm change to put into effect.

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