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What are ModernAdvisor's different portfolio options?
What are ModernAdvisor's different portfolio options?

Investment options include Core ETF, Socially Responsible, Harmony, and BCV portfolios as well as High Interest Savings

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There are a number of investment portfolio options available on the ModernAdvisor platform, including:

Investment Option


Management Fee*





Blend of passive and actively managed

0.70% or less depending on account balance

High Interest Savings portfolios

Passive / High Interest Savings ETF


Actively managed

0.90% per year

All of these portfolio options are professionally designed by a team of CFA charterholders and could be suitable for you when matched to your risk tolerance and appetite.

Having said that, each portfolio option has unique characteristics that may make it a better fit for certain clients or accounts. For example, clients who would like to keep their investment fees as low as possible often prefer our ETF portfolios. Conversely, clients who prefer active investment management typically choose the BCV portfolios.

To find which portfolio matches your preferences, take a short questionnaire:


Minimum Investment and Underlying Investments

The minimum investment and the type of funds used in each of our portfolio options are listed below.

Investment Option

Investment Vehicles

Minimum Investment

(per account)

Core ETF (most popular)

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


Socially Responsible ETF Portfolios

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


High Interest Savings Portfolio

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


ETFs and Mutual Funds


Mutual Funds


Still not sure which portfolio option is right for you?

Take this short quiz, or reach out to one of our portfolio managers.

* The management fee does not include fund fees and any service fees charged by the referring financial planner. Fund fees vary depending on the portfolio option and the Risk Level of your account.

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