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ModernAdvisor Harmony Portfolios
ModernAdvisor Harmony Portfolios
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ModernAdvisor Harmony portfolios are diversified, multi-asset strategies that offer the best of active and passive management, working together in Harmony to achieve better outcomes.

The actively managed portion of the Harmony portfolios add exposure to high-conviction investment ideas of experienced Canadian and global investment managers. The passive, index ETFs portion provides broad diversification at a low cost.

Equity and Fixed Income allocation of the Harmony Portfolios

ModernAdvisor offers 10 different variations of the Harmony Portfolios, from Risk Level 1 to Risk Level 10. Risk Level 1 is the most conservative, made up of 90% cash equivalents and fixed income, and 10% equities (i.e. stocks). The equity exposure in the portfolios increases in 10% increment per Risk Level. Risk Level 10, the most growth-oriented portfolio, is made up of 100% equities.

The Make Up of the Harmony Portfolios

Below is a list of funds that are used in the ModernAdvisor Harmony Portfolios. We have been able to secure exclusive pricing on some of these funds through our scale and commercial relationships with BCV Asset Management and Guardian Capital.

Fund Name

Fund Code

Investment Style

Asset Class



Global Equity



North American Equity



Global Equity



Global Equity



Canadian Equity



Canadian Fixed Income



Canadian Fixed Income



Canadian Fixed Income



Global Fixed Income

Portfolio Composition by Risk Level

Here is the make up of each Risk Level of ModernAdvisor Harmony portfolios:

Breakdown of Actively Managed and Passive Funds

The chart below shows the percentage of each portfolio that is invested in actively managed funds and passive funds.


ModernAdvisor management fees for the Harmony Portfolios are listed below.

0.70% on the first $250,000 of assets

0.60% on assets between $250,000 and $1M

0.40% on assets over $1M

We pay a portion of our management fees to BCV Asset Management and Guardian Capital for the management of their respective funds. In addition to our management fees listed above, each fund within the portfolios has a Management Expense Ratio (MER). The average MER of the funds in the portfolio depends on the risk level, and is generally around 0.2%.

If you have been referred to ModernAdvisor, you may pay service fees to the referral partner. In most cases, the services fees are for helping you establish your financial goals, providing financial planning guidance, developing overall wealth strategies, tax planning and/or assisting with the opening of your ModernAdvisor account(s).

Each account is also subject to a minimum management fee of $5/month per account or $2.50/month per RESP account.

ModernAdvisor management fee and advisor Service Fee are also subject to GST/HST based on the investor’s province of residence.

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment for Harmony Portfolios is $5,000 per account.

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