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How are BCV Portfolios managed?
How are BCV Portfolios managed?
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Founded in 2007, BCV Asset Management Inc. is a portfolio management firm, registered with all provincial securities commissions, dedicated to building and protecting client wealth, and seeks to maximize long term returns while minimizing risk. The 12 member BCV portfolio management team has over 150 years of combined portfolio management expertise, enabling the team to go broad and deep when conducting independent security research. Based in Winnipeg, BCV manages over $3.6 billion of client assets and has been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest growing firms by the Globe and Mail's Report on Business magazine for 2018, 2019 and 2020. They attribute this to strong portfolio management with personalized and professional service.

The BCV approach to grow and protect wealth is based on owning a concentrated group of high quality, growing businesses purchased at reasonable valuations. The ModernAdvisor BCV Portfolio Models employ a multi-pronged approach that uses three different strategies:

  • The Antares Value Pool focuses on global equity holdings using an absolute valuation approach. This means that each company must present a reasonable and compelling value based on its own current business metrics. The lead manager is Gerry Bettig, CFA.

  • The Antares Total Equity Pool focuses on global equity holdings using a relative valuation approach. This means that each company must be a reasonable value when compared against other similar companies, and focuses on consistent growing businesses and prudent capital allocation. The lead manager is Alec McIsaac, CFA.

  • The BCV North American Equity Fund focuses on dividend paying companies in North America. These companies may have either good absolute value or good relative value, while paying a dividend which grows overtime in line with earnings. The lead manager is Mandy Braun, CFA.

To round out the ModernAdvisor BCV Portfolio Models and provide additional stability, they also include the BCV Fixed Income Fund. The fund's strategy is actively managed, focusing on corporate bonds, while also providing a consistent level of income. Duration (interest rate risk) is managed to provide capital security. The lead manager is Chris Richard, CFA.

As market conditions change over time, all three equity strategies will adjust their holdings to adapt to changing valuations and risk. In addition, the overall asset allocation strategy of the ModernAdvisor BCV models is monitored by Todd Johnson, CFA and Douglas Nelson, CFP, MFA, CIM, to ensure each of the models achieves its individual risk and return objectives.

BCV's goal is to provide to you with an actively managed, concentrated, and well-researched portfolio Canadian, U.S. and International companies that to provide a consistent return while controlling risk.

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